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Fall 2013 

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What is the 'Pain2Peace Training' Weekend all about?



It is a weekend to bring life and hope to others and to you! Our mission is to equip those called toset the captives free, regardless of location.

We have been missionaries for many years. In 2003 God called us to a new field, it wasn’t a place, it was apeople group: the sexually abused. Since then we have been actively studying the best teaching ontrauma, neglect and abuse we could find from both Christian and secular view points. Our best training however, has come from working with people who have opened their lives and pain to us. God alwaysrespects our choice and with those who have opened their hearts wide to God, we have seen miracles that were life changing. We have developed and been teaching internationally, a curriculum that equips both people andprofessionals alike. What you will learn is easily adapted to other cultures or spiritual climates, including unbelievers.


The retreat style training begins Thursday night, (dinner 6pm 1st meeting 7pm) on October 18th and goes until Sunday after Lunch, October 21st. Teaching and lodging are held at the Heartland Presbyterian center. (see Details link above)

Why Come?

PERSONAL TRANSFORATION - We know what it's like to live a "helper's life", experience burn out and exhaustion so we have specifically designed this training to be a time of refreshing as well. There will be daily lectures but the evenings will be spent in worship and peaceful blessing prayer. We will be teaching and demonstrating our 'Healing Presence Prayer' model and you will be able to learn it and practice it with one another. It is this prayer that turns the curriculum from teaching to transformation and the key to ministering.


Unlike other models, this was developed specifically with the needs of the traumatized in mind. We have heard again and again…"You get me. No one else has ever understood this or been able to explain this to me before. What do you understand and they don't?" Please consider coming and becoming one of the few who 'gets' them.

What will you learn from the overall curriculum?

How this information will affect your ability to help others.

Increased attunement

Development of authentic curiosity and attunement skills

Deepened and accelerated client healing

Lasting change for trauma, abandonment, abuse and addiction

Personal renewal for workshop participants



See the Details page for more specifics on this course.

For more information, check the FAQ page or email


(Click here to download the Pain2Peace Training Flyer)

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