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Dates: Coming soon

Location: Heartland Presbyterian Retreat Center (see Location Tab above for more info)

We chose to do this training 'retreat style' on purpose. We live such active lives, that there is always so much to do once you are home. There are distractions at home that keep us from getting all that we could get during this time. By going away for a few nights, you will receive much more than just getting teaching during the day. Each evening will be practicing the presence of God together, and then it is so much easier to just go and 'hide away' in your bed or another place and continue the process until the next day. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you take advantage of this retreat location and stay the nights!

Costs: $420 for the weekend - This price includes hotel style room (double occupancy at Heartland) for three nights, and all three meals a day including snacks, teachings, and all materials. We are trying to make this fee as reasonable as possible for the quality of training and room and board that you will receive. If you want a room to yourself (Single occupancy) than you can add an additional $45 per night.

If you are unable to come Thursday evening for our first night, you can join us (latest) by 9am on Friday. If that is the case, then your price would be $365 for the duration of the training.


Here is a list of the topics that will be covered this weekend for the first year students:

Each evening (beginning with Thursday night) will be a time of short teaching on the prayer/ministry model, demonstration, and then lot of time for you to soak in the presence of God and to practice and learn the models yourself!

(Click here to download the Pain2Peace Training Flyer)


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